Most believe the fearsome witch doctor of the umbaru race a legend, but I have seen one in battle with my own eyes. And it was difficult to believe, even then. He dispatched his opponent with terrifying precision, assaulting his victim's mind and body with elixirs and powders that evoked fires, explosions, and poisonous spirits. As if these assaults were not enough, the witch doctor also had at his command the ability to summon undead creatures from the netherworld to rend the flesh from his enemy's body.


I came upon this rare display as I ventured deep into the interior of the dense Torajan jungles that cover the southern tip of the great eastern continent, in the vast area known as the Teganze, with the goal of seeking out the tribes that reside there. This area is extremely secluded, and heretofore unseen by foreign eyes. I was fortunate to befriend the witch doctor I saw in battle, and, through him, his tribe: the Tribe of the Five Hills.

为了见识谜一般的巫医部落。我以身犯险踏入覆盖了整个西方大陆南部地区的Torajan丛林,这片巨大的区域被称为"Teganze"。这片区域完全与世隔绝,直到目前为止还未有被世人所见。我很幸运的和之前在战斗中看到的巫医并且成为了朋友, 才得以通过他找到了他的部落:五石山部落,建立了友谊。

The culture of the umbaru of the lower Teganze is fascinating and perplexing to those hailing from more civilized walks of life. For instance, the Tribe of the Five Hills frequently engages in tribal warfare with both the Clan of the Seven Stones and the Tribe of the Clouded Valley, but these are matters of ritual and not of conquest. I had heard tales that these wars are waged in order that the victors may replenish their supply of raw materials for the human sacrifices that their civilization revolves around, and when I timidly asked my hosts more about this topic, I must admit their laughter made me fear for my safety. However, through stumbled attempts at communication of such complex topics as what constitutes heroism and honor in their society, I gathered that only those taken in battle are considered worthy of the ritual sacrifice, much to my relief.

神秘的"Teganze"盆地居民的文化对来访者来说是即迷人而又令人费解的。举例来说。 五石山部落经常会和柒玉部落以及云峡部落进入胶着的部落战争状态,但却不是因为侵略而仅仅是为了例行的仪式。 我听说这样的战争只是为了让最后的胜利者能够补充更多的原料供应来进行人祭,如此周而复始。 然而当我小心翼翼地询问主人更多关于这些事的时候。我得承认他们的笑声使我感到自己如坐针毡。 无论如何。 通过小心的询问是什么构成了他们社会里的勇气和荣耀这个复杂话题之后, 我才得知在战场上死去被认为才是最为体面的牺牲。这让我大大的松了一口气。

"似乎仅仅这些还不足以令人满意, 巫医还擅长从异界召唤不死生物, 用以撕碎敌人的躯体."




Upon further discussions with my hosts, I discovered that these tribes define themselves by their belief in the Mbwiru Eikura, which roughly translates to "The Unformed Land" (this is an imprecise translation, as this concept is completely foreign to our culture and language). This belief holds that the true, sacred reality is veiled behind the physical one we normally experience. Their vitally important public ceremonies are centered upon sacrifices to the life force that flows from their gods, who inhabit the Unformed Land, into this lesser physical realm.

通过与主人的促膝深谈之后。我发现这些部落都以"Mbwiru Eikura"为信仰。粗略翻译过来就是 "无形之地" (这不是很准确的翻译。 这种概念与我们的文化和语言完全不同)。这种信仰认为真实、圣洁的现实隐藏在我们背后。 他们最重要的公共仪式是以通过向生命之力献祭来使之通过置身于无形之地的神灵,流向渺小的人世间。

The witch doctors are finely attuned to this Unformed Land and are able to train their minds to perceive this reality through a combination of rituals and the use of selected roots and herbs found in the jungles. They call the state in which they interact with this other world the Ghost Trance.

巫医们能与无形之地很好地融合。通过强化思维,他们可以通过一系列的仪式来感知真理。 并且学会使用从丛林中采集的草药根茎。他们把这种与另一个世界的沟通的境界称作"入魂"。

Alongside the primacy of the belief in the life force and the Unformed Land, the second most sacred belief of the tribes is their philosophy of self-sacrifice and non-individuality, of suppressing one's self-interest for the good of the tribe. This idea, so foreign to our culture, struck me as something I wished to delve into much more deeply.


Unfortunately, there was intense social upheaval among the tribes due to an incident involving their most current war (inasmuch as I could discern in the ensuing bedlam), and the charged atmosphere warranted my quick departure before I could ask anything further of my hosts.