In my journey to catalogue the various denizens, civilizations, and fauna of our world, I have traveled far and wide, but never before have I been struck with such dismay as when standing upon the ramparts of the ancient fortress of Bastion's Keep. I came to see firsthand the barbarians, those near-legendary, immense, relentless, dual-wielding furies of combat dwelling upon their sacred Mount Arreat.

我走遍天南地北,见过世界上各种不同的民族和文化,我习以为常。但是当我站在Bastion's Keep的古代堡垒城墙上却第一次感受到真正的震撼。我本来是想拜访那些在神圣的亚瑞特山上传奇的、强大的、残酷的、双手持武器愤怒战斗的的野蛮人。

Instead, I stand here looking at a mountain that has been torn asunder by some extraordinary force. The sight, I must confess, is incomprehensible. Yet what I see before me cannot be denied.


What truly happened here? Where are those majestic warriors of old?




Though they were once misunderstood as simple, bloodthirsty invaders, the long and noble history of these proud people is now rightly acknowledged. And therein lies the greater tragedy here, for those of us familiar with the nobility of the barbarians remember too what they call their "vigil", the concept that lay at the very heart of their culture. The barbarians consider it their sworn duty to protect Mount Arreat and the mysterious object within. They believe that if they fail to uphold their duty to the great mount, or are not given a proper burial upon its slopes, they will be denied a true warrior's death, and their spirits shall roam the land without honor for all eternity.

虽然他们曾经被误解为嗜杀成性的侵略者,但是现在他们的悠久和传统的历史已经得到了重新的认识。 这里现在成了最悲壮的惨剧,那些我们十分熟悉的,有着以"警戒"为传统概念文化的高贵野蛮人全部消失了。野蛮人视保护Mount Arreat和里面神秘物品为他们誓死的职责。他们认为如果他们不能履行这个职责,或者埋葬在Mount Arreat 的斜波上,他们不会被承认是一个真正的勇士,而且他们的灵魂将会世上永远随处漂流得不到尊重。

If there are any barbarians left alive, they must truly be without hope. Perhaps this is the genesis of the rumors of monstrous things reported to resemble the barbarians in size and ferocity, but that are in reality nothing more than unreasoning, inhuman beasts. Could the destruction of not only their home but also their very beliefs have actually brought this magnificent race so low?